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why resume blasting services don’t work

Resume distribution services draw a lot of attention from job seekers.  They’re seductive, aren’t they?  Only fifty bucks to reach thousands and thousands of recruiters and employers!  How can you miss? Easily.  What the blaster services have going for them is that potential customers, like you, respond to their marketing from your purely assumptive point of…

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The importance of being customer focused

I am sure you are looking at the title of this post and wondering why a career expert is writing about customer service. Well, there are two reasons; the first is that I think customer service is prevalent in all areas of business. Providing strong customer service can be the difference in getting repeat clients…

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5 Things You MUST Do Before a Job Interview

So you just found out that you have a job interview tomorrow and unfortunately procrastination is a weaknesses you haven’t yet conquered.  Here are the down and dirty tips to pull it together at the last minute. 1.  Look at the job posting you are applying for, and develop sound bites that address the needs…

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4 Things That Can Completely Derail a Job Interview

Everyone knows (or should know) the big things that can cause an interview to completely tank.  However, there’s also some smaller little things that interviewees do that give interviewers an “oh, I think we’ll pass.” feeling.  If you want to get hired—best to avoid these gaffes: Going into an interview without anything.  Always bring a…

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#1 Way to KILL a Phone Interview

Typically the topic of verbal crutches is something that people are coached on when they are improving their group presentation skills.  Verbal crutches are those little “connector” words that all of us use from time to time.  These are the ums, ahs, and even in the case of one candidate I interviewed—fabulous, that we unconsciously…

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