Why You Should Relocate to Raleigh

Jobs Housing both huge corporations and thriving startups, every engineer or computer scientist should learn about Raleigh and consider a move. Several companies, including some of our out of state clients, have turned their eyes to Raleigh for their new projects. They know that this area has the largest concentration of educated professionals like PhD’s…

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Contingency, Retained, or Project Partnering?

Why would anyone spend upwards of 40 percent more for talent using a contingency firm or 80 percent more using a retained firm?  Project Partnering with JTL Services, Inc. will save you more money and guarantee results unlike the traditional methods of sourcing top talent. With Project Partnering you get one of our project managers…

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Project Partnering with JTL Services, Inc.

How finding top talent should be and is with JTL Services, Inc.  Project Partnering is what we believe to be the future of job search for companies.  Why pay the high cost of contingency recruiting when you can have a team of search consultants who are specialized in finding top “A” talent.  The best part…

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Protect your resume

As a job candidate you need to make sure that no one is sending your resume to a company without your permission!  That means your recruiter needs to tell you the name of the company that they want to send your resume to. Three good reasons are: Has your resume been submitted to ABC Company…

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LinkedIn Is the Key to Your Next Job

People in transition should explore seriously the power of LinkedIn since it often provides the bridge between being in transition and getting that coveted job

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