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Why You Should Relocate to Raleigh


Housing both huge corporations and thriving startups, every engineer or computer scientist should learn about Raleigh and consider a move. Several companies, including some of our out of state clients, have turned their eyes to Raleigh for their new projects. They know that this area has the largest concentration of educated professionals like PhD’s in the sciences. JTLServices, Inc. is always in need of these types of bright, energetic people to fill our high-demand jobs.

The Education System

Home to some of the country’s finest universities, the Raleigh area is perfect if you are seeking an outstanding education. Right in the heart of downtown Raleigh is North Carolina State University, consistently ranked as one of the top ten STEM universities. Very close by in either Durham or Chapel Hill are Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, three colleges nestled in a very close rivalry.


Raleigh is located right in the middle of the state, nestled between the Smokey Mountains in the west and the Carolina coast to the east. With sights to see in the mountains such as the famous Biltmore mansion and the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, a trip to the mountains is something to seriously consider. If mild climates are less your thing, then take a trip to one of the many beaches in the Outer Banks!

Contingency, Retained, or Project Partnering?

Why would anyone spend upwards of 40 percent more for talent using a contingency firm or 80 percent more using a retained firm?  Project Partnering with JTL Services, Inc. will save you more money and guarantee results unlike the traditional methods of sourcing top talent.

With Project Partnering you get one of our project managers like Tara LeFevre, but also a team of people from recruiters to researchers and  a very large talent pool network.

To see how Project Partnering will benefit you simply send us a job spec and we will do our due-diligence on our end.  We will email you back a quote and all the details you need to know to determine if this can work for you.

Send specs to

Project Partnering with JTL Services, Inc.

How finding top talent should be and is with JTL Services, Inc.  Project Partnering is what we believe to be the future of job search for companies.  Why pay the high cost of contingency recruiting when you can have a team of search consultants who are specialized in finding top “A” talent.  The best part isn’t the end of all those phone conversations with your resume slinger telling you about their  sharp guy.  No!  It’s not the fact that you no longer have to waste part of your day going through the mountains of resumes from unqualified job candidates.  No!  The best part is getting someone who is always looking out for what you want while saving your organization money!  Our process is simple.  For more information reach out to us!



Protect your resume

As a job candidate you need to make sure that no one is sending your resume to a company without your permission!  That means your recruiter needs to tell you the name of the company that they want to send your resume to.

Three good reasons are:

  • Has your resume been submitted to ABC Company within the past year?
  • Do you have any issues with ABC  Company?
  • Would you be interested in this job description with ABC Company?

Some recruiters have relationships with hiring managers who are always looking for top talent regardless to whether they have an open position or not.  This too needs to be explained to you up front before the recruiter sends your resume.  This is what we call “clearing the candidate”.

I can’t get over the fact that recruiters, I use the term recruiters “loosely”, still send resumes without clearing their candidates.  An ethical recruiter clears their candidates every time. The problem is that certain recruiters have weak relationships all around and they are simply trying to make something happen for themselves, but what ends up happening is the job candidate gets hurt.   If your resume makes it to the same place by two different recruiters then it will become a problem for you.  Two recruiters, same job, both recruiters say that they are working with you.  Icarumba! You see the company is going to need to get to the bottom of this to determine who gets the credit if you happen to get the  job.  You might not even get that far.   The last thing a company wants is a fight over who is really the one working with you on this job.  It creates a negative reaction from all parties and starts you off on the wrong foot regardless to what you may think.

Today, more than ever before, you need to protect your resume.   There are people out there that if they were to get a hold of your resume would send it all over the place.    Some recruiters will ask their  job candidates if its OK to send their resume to some of their contacts and most job candidates think “sure, why not”.   The problem is that you are going to get burned by this tactic.   You should never allow anyone cart-blanche with your resume.

Another excuse that I hear from recruiters is that they could not get in touch with the job candidate so for the sake of time they submitted the resume.  Listen, we all understand that in the contingency market it can be a race to submit a resume but when you cannot clear a job candidate then that’s just too bad.  You the recruiter have no right to hurt this job candidate’s opportunities.

Some recruiters will send a resume to a company to try to get a job order.  This happens a lot and they could be using your resume to do it.  Did you ever get this phone call before? “Hey I got great news!  ABC Company wants to interview you.   I would be like “great news who said you can send my resume there”?   Some recruiters will send a resume to test the waters to see if this is the type of candidate they are looking for based on a job description.  I don’t have a problem with that as long as they remove the job candidates’ name, address, phone number, email address and the names of prior companies that the job candidate worked for.  This allows your client to see the talent and to tell you that they would be interested in meeting this candidate, however, you have NO claims to this candidate with your client if your candidate has already been submitted.  What we would do in this scenario would be to notify the contact at the company and to tell them that the candidate told us that their resume has already been submitted.

This approach of always doing what is best for our clients and our candidates seems to work well for us!

LinkedIn Is the Key to Your Next Job

If you’re in transition and looking for a job or you contemplate changing jobs, there’s nothing more powerful than learning how to be efficient at using the power of LinkedIn. Being listed on LinkedIn is a must. A study by Microsoft revealed that 70 percent of employers have rejected job candidates because of information they found on those candidates online. Yet the same study suggests that 85 percent of employers say a positive online reputation influences their decision. Those are pretty convincing numbers.
Here are some facts:
• Recruiters and employers prefer dealing with applicants they can check out and trust.
• People spend more time on social media than on e-mail. LinkedIn is in the social media for business.
• The Internet can make or break your image.
The power of LinkedIn lies in the fact that you can connect with people who influence decision making regarding whom to hire. In turn, you, too, can research the company you’re targeting, the hiring manager there, and also the culture of the company. Sixty percent of the hiring decision is based on the candidate’s fit into the company’s culture.
By joining professional and alumni groups on LinkedIn, you can participate in online discussions as well as answer questions, thus becoming prominent—and even, possibly, viewed as an expert. Companies love hiring experts! Additionally, recruiters scour professional groups in search of experts. You should join active groups to become visible online.
When you’re in transition, it’s important to know the right people but also important that they know you and that they get reminded of what you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s advisable to invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn. When you send an invitation, personalize your message; don’t just use the default LinkedIn invitation. Address the person by name, include a reminder about the commonality between you or mention how you came across the person’s name, state your intent, and then ask whether the person would be willing to connect with you.
When looking for opportunities, go to the home page, and on the upper right-hand corner, click on the Advanced option. Then type in a keyword and customize the screen to your circumstances. From that list, select and invite the people you want to connect with.